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Winter and Car Windows

Posted by Administrator on 1/27/2015 to Auto Glass

Winter and Car Windows

Auto Glass Preparedness

Each season in St. Louis causes it’s own problems for the glass in your vehicle. The cold, ice, and snow of winter can lead to Windshield repairs or replacement, door-glass replacement, window regulator repairs, and many other things we are called for this time of year. You can avoid having to call Master’s Auto Glass by being aware of a few things to avoid.

Windshield Maintenance  Awareness

Hot water! Never use hot water to de-ice a windshield. Metal scrapers! Never use a putty knife, soda can.or anything metal to scrape ice off windows or mirrors. Make sure all the rock chips in the windshield have been repaired before you turn your defroster on...this requires some planning ahead.

Auto Glass Winter Survival Tactics

If your doorglass is iced up never try to lower it until it is completely thawed. There are basically 2 types of window regulators that raise and lower the windows. A scissors style, which is made of metal, and cable regulators in which the moving parts are plastic and wire cable. If you try to move a frozen window with a cable regulator the plastic breaks and the cable gets buggered up.If you force a frozen window with a scissors regulator you break the window or the tabs or channel on the glass. Either way you’ll be calling us to fix it.

These are just a few tips to help your auto glass survive a St. Louis winter.

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