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Wet Feet, A Leaking Windshield?

Posted by Scott Andrews on 1/23/2015 to Auto Glass

Wet Feet, A Leaking Windshield?

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Have you ever had your passenger get in your car and had their feet go “squish,slosh, splash”? Your first thought was probably “Uh oh my windshield’s leaking. Better call an auto glass repair  company and have my windshield repaired.” I’ve had this call many times. My first question is ”Is the water on the passenger side floor?” Second, “Does it come in when it’s setting still?” If the answer is yes to both of these I can I can say with confidence that they don’t need a windshield replacement.

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Almost always in this situation the water is coming through the blower motor from the cabin air intake. This is most often located under the wiper cowl in the wiper motor compartment. Every vehicle has a different method of directing the water away from the cabin air intake. Some of these methods are more likely to fail. Older GM vehicles Grand Prix, Gran am, Impala, and Malibu all have just a piece of rubber weather strip to direct the water away from the intake filter. If this falls off the water floods the passenger side floor. Our policy is to glue that weather strip firmly  where it belongs which solves that problem.

In another recent situation, a long term customer called with this problem. After several questions I determined that he had squirrels or mice nesting under his wiper cowl and the nest was blocking the drain holes. Service and experience offered and the unneeded expense of a new windshield saved.

Master’s Auto Glass Guarantees any windshield we install against leaking and if there is a problem not of our making we still try to help the customer to solve it.

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