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Weather and Windshield Installation

Posted by Administrator on 3/2/2015 to Auto Glass

Weather and Windshield Installation

When performing your windshield installation the weather conditions are very important. Temperature and precipitation are two critical factors in auto glass repair and replacement.

Windshield Replacement

Temperature determines the type of adhesive we need to use on your vehicle. Warm weather allows us to use a less expensive urethane adhesive that has a temp. and humidity cure. The safe drive away time for 80  degrees or warmer is 2 hrs. Every 10 degrees lower you have to add an hour. If the glass tech doing your work doesn’t explain “safe drive-away time” you should realize they are putting your life at risk. If you are in an accident before the adhesive is properly cured the windshield won’t support the deployment of the air-bag. There have been several lawsuits for injury and death because the windshield didn’t stay where it belonged. For lower temperatures we use an adhesive with a chemical cure on your installation. This urethane has  a 1 hour safe drive-away time down to zero.

Temperature is also critical for all the plastic parts on your vehicle. Below 25 degrees everything plastic becomes very brittle and requires great care to not break anything.

Rain and snow are problems for a glue-in installation. The glass surface and the pinch-weld (the flange the windshield is glued to) have to be dry for the adhesive to bond completely. If it is raining or snowing the vehicle needs to be under cover for your installation. Garage, carport, and we carry a portable canopy for a light rain. We have even been known to work in self-serve car washes.

Please ask our csr or technicians any questions you have concerning weather and safety, and if we say we need to reschedule when conditions are better, we have only your safety in mind.