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Used Windshields

Used Auto Glass | Used Windshields

Used Auto Glass in St. Louis

Customers call me quite often wanting to know if we use used glass, Thinking they  could save money. We let them know that a used windshield is not a good idea. You can use a salvaged door glass or back glass or quarter glass. You don’t want to use a used windshield. Any chip, scratch or defect can cause a windshield to break on installation. We can’t take responsibility for a broken used windshield. Most times you’re not saving that much on a used glass unless it’s a rare piece.

Used Auto Glass

Used Windshields are only part of the equation

My customers are very important to me,and I want to educate you as much as I can so you know what to look for. Door glasses are usually alright to put in used. But again, we can usually get you a new piece of glass as inexpensive as a used .  Refurbished or Salvaged Windshields can get you injured or worse.

The best advice I can give you is the quality of work being done on your car is the most important thing to consider. There are so many corners that are cut and details ignored by many shops out there that it can be scary. They can lead to water leaks, air leaks and rust. The worst case is bodily injury if your windshield seal fails during an accident, because the windshield is now a major structural component of your vehicle.

Professionals Auto Glass Techs don’t reuse Pre Owned Windshields

Quality and attention to details, taking time to care for your vehicle is our main priority. We work hard to make sure our customers satisfaction is #1 priority. We have built our reputation upon honest hard work and time spent to do the job right.

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