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Rock Chip Repair

Rock Chip Repair

Rock Chips in St. Louis are a real problem

You have an awesome car with awesome payments and the you get an awesome ROCK CHIP!  Do you call for a windshield replacement or call Master’s Auto Glass for a quick and easy rock chip repair. We come to you and fix your problems fast and with the skill of the original manufacturer

Rock Chip Repair

Rock Chip Repair is not just a “quick fix”

“It’s like magic” are the words I love to here when I’ve completed a rock chip repair that has made a chip almost disappear. That can be the result most times if a technician takes the time and has the patience and skill to do it right. But….glass is glass so we still give our disclaimer each and every time.

   “ What we do is a structural repair, not a cosmetic repair. It won’t make the chip go away,but, it will keep it from cracking any farther. Sometimes during the process of repair the windshield will run out from the chip. We aren’t responsible for the windshield if it does because it would have run out even if we hadn’t tried a repair.”    

I’ve said this so many times I sound like the voice at the end of a medicine commercial.

The Magic touch makes all the difference in Rock Chip Repairs

The mechanics of a rock chip repair is a combination of chemistry, Physics, and the nature of glass. first you clean out some of the broken glas with what looks like a little drill but is really a carbide burr similar to what dentists used to use. Next you attach a bridge that allows you to evacuate air and inject the resin into the crack. The material used to repair the crack is a cyano-acrylic resin,akin to super-glue, except it has an anaerobic, ultraviolet curing. That’s why we cover it with cellophane and use a uv lamp on cloudy days.

The less you see of the chip, the better the repair will hold, because that means the glue has filled the whole chip. That’s why hearing “ I can’t even tell where the chip was” is music to my ears because I know I saved your windshield.

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