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Find an Auto Glass Shop

Find an Auto Glass Shop

Find an Auto Glass Shop Near Me | Auto Glass Shop St. Louis

If you’re reading this, you've found the only auto glass shop you will ever need. I’ll help you, though with a few questions to ask, and a few most people ask that don’t help:

Find an Auto Glass Shop

How long have your Techs been working for you on average?

This is an indicator of the general tone of a shop. High turnover means harsh management or poor hiring judgement. Either of these leads to poor treatment of your vehicle

Do you have single or 2 man auto glass crews?

A larger percentage of vehicles these days are almost impossible for 1 man to set well. Many can be done solo, but we have found that it is much better to have 2 experienced men on the job.

There are mechanical assists to help one man set windshields but none of them are as effective as four hands.

How many car window replacement jobs do your techs do in a day?

Many of the larger and nationwide companies are production driven. This leads to technicians try to get as many jobs done on a day as are called for by quotas. There is either negative reinforcement for not enough jobs done or reward of getting as many done as possible in a day, and sometimes more than should be possible. We take each job as it comes and spend the time needed to do it right.

You will notice the previous question all had to do with the quality of work. Now for the questions whose answers will do you very little good.

What type, brand, of auto glass do you use?  Is it “dealer glass”?

Almost all auto glass these days meets all manufacturer specifications. In fact it probably comes from some of the same factories with just different names. If a customer service rep. tells you they only use “dealer glass” They are misleading you. If they say OEE glass that means original equipment equivalent which describes all auto glass that fits.  They use these terms to make you believe that their parts are superior. In reality they get their glass off the same shelves we do.

Do you guarantee your glass?

Every glass shop will tell you they guarantee their glass. Some will offer a guarantee against breakage. The fly by nights working out of the back of a pick-up with no signage will say it because they know you won’t find them again. The breakage guarantee shops are experts at avoiding honoring the replacement. We guarantee our workmanship. We Guarantee against air and water leaking for as long as you own the vehicle, and we repair any rock chips in a windshield we install for free as long as you own it.

Now you can shop with a little more information. Then come back to the professionals that care about you and your vehicle!

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